With an extensive investment portfolio, PE investment helped a mainland private business group allocate assets toward long-term investment objectives.


In 2015, on the invitation of our relationship managers, Mr. Li, a controller of a Mainland private business group, attended CMBI’s investment seminar on overseas asset allocation strategies in Hong Kong, and met with a top US private equity (PE) fund.

Initially, Mr. Li did not quite understand the idea, “Our business is doing so well. Why should I give money to other companies? Why ask others to manage our assets?” CMBI’s wealth management relationship manager explained to Mr. Li, “PE investment forms a very important part of asset allocation for high-end wealth management in Europe and the US, as this can enhance your portfolio by focusing on long-term investment.”

Subsequently, the CMBI relationship manager joined renowned PE fund managers at home and abroad, providing Mr. Li with detailed and professional analyses. Finally, Mr. Li changed his mind about PE, “This is a good opportunity to enter the capital market, as our investment can be listed; we can also enter the industries and areas that are inaccessible and unfamiliar to us to further diversify our investment risk; in addition, CMBI recommended renowned PE fund managers to us, helping increase our confidence, so that we can invest our group’s assets in various industry opportunities in China and overseas through Hong Kong. ”

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Mr. Li is a fictional character. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.