A universal product platform to help a enterprise senior executive in asset allocation


Alex Wang worked overseas for long time. Five years ago, he moved to Mainland China. Currently a senior executive in a large high-tech company, he holds a larger amount of foreign equity shares and cash dividends. Due to a lack of knowledge about investment vehicles like securities, he usually does not have the time and energy to take care of his investments except for buying up properties for investment. He is conservative and prudent about investment.

From an CMBI relationship manager, he learned about CMBI’s universal product platform in Hong Kong. The CMBI wealth management team also advised him to buy some bonds overseas as a long-term investment. As an overseas returnee, Alex is quite receptive to the concept of asset allocation. It happened that his CMBI assigned relationship manager Amy had a similar overseas work experience like Alex. Moreover, the CMBI has a rigorous and prudent financial management team. Therefore, Alex turned to CMBI for financial advice.

In addition, Alex said CMBI has provided very professional research reports on the industry he is working in, and its global perspectives are very helpful to his management decisions and judgments.

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Alex Wang and Amy are fictional characters. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.