Real-time quotes for Hong Kong securities market

Real-time quotes services

Does CMBI provide real-time quotes service? What’s the subscription fee, and how can I apply for it?

Yes. We provide real time stock quotes through Limited. provides real-time quotes for all stocks, warrants listed in SEHK. All customers with on-line trading account applying the real-time quotes services will have initially 300 free real-time quotes each month;

For transactions executed through Internet for current month:

An extra 100 real time quotes will be awarded to online trading clients with turnover up to HKD 100,000 (according to the confirmation statement); extra quotes will be effective on settlement day.

An extra 200 real time quotes will be awarded to online trading clients with turnover HKD 100,001 or above (actual turnover will rest on the confirmation statement), extra quotes will be effective on settlement day.

Any un-used quotes cannot be carried forward to following month. Number of quote will be reset to 300 at the beginning of each month.

Please note: Charges might be levy on real-time quotes. will charge HKD0.09 on each additional quote. Fee will be debited automatically from your account at the end of each month. If there is insufficient fund in the account, you will not be able to enjoy any free quotes in the following month until all debit balance is cleared. Please note that any un-used quotes cannot be carried forward to following month. Client needs to read and accept the terms and conditions regarding the real time quote service provided by at first login. Login will be failure if client choose not to accept those terms and conditions.

Can I check my monthly free quote, extra free quote, un-used total free quotes and extra used quote?

Basic free quotes – is the free quote provided for the month. Any un-used quotes cannot be carried forward to following month. Number of quote will be reset to 300 at the beginning of each month.

Un-used free quotes – is the sum of basic free quotes and extra free quotes awarded. It shows all left free quotes for the month and any un-used quotes cannot be carried forward to the following month.

Additional quotes – quotes that need to be paid. After the un-used free quotes has been used up (i.e. becomes ‘0‘), all additional quotes will be treated as ‘extra (pay) quotes’. The number of additional quotes will be accumulated for calculating payment and the related fee will be debited automatically from your account at the end of each month. Each additional quote will be charged at HKD0.09 per click. If there is insufficient fund in the account, you will not be able to enjoy any quote services until all debit balance is cleared. For assistance, please call our customer service hotline at 3761-8888.

Real-time Streaming Quotes Service

Do you provide any other type of stock quote service?

Yes. Our supplier for real-time quote is Limited. It provides real time quote with brokers orders sequence, real-time news, detailed chart analysis, ranking, company information and price alert.


How much is the Real-time Streaming quotes service cost? When and how to pay? How can I subscribe for the service?

The monthly charge for HK package is HKD360 and in a pre-paid manner. The service fee will be automatically debited from your trading account on the last working day of each month. If your account has insufficient fund for the pre payment, the service will be stopped immediately. Please contact our customer service representative at (852) 3761-8888 for application. The China Discount Program is HKD230 per month, but need to fulfill the following requirements:

Address proof (copy) – a computer generated letter (utility bills or bank statements issued within 3 months) showing a China address and the subscriber’s name as the letter’s recipient.
This service is accessible only from mainland China (Hong Kong and Macau are not included)

We need to provide the copy of address proof of all client who enjoy this particular service to HKEX for review

If my transaction through internet reached a certain amount in the current month, would the monthly charge for next month be waived?

Monthly charge for next month would be waived if your internet trade with value accumulates HKD$1,000,000 or above for the current month.

How can I terminate the streaming real-time stock quote service?

If you wish to terminate your subscription from the following month, please fill in the Service Termination Form which can be obtained from our web and return the completed form to us by post on or before the 15th of the current month.

Real-time Streaming Quotes Service

how can I use the Internet trading service?

CMBI provides Hong Kong securities market e-trading service for our clients. At present our company just provides the internet trading service for the cash account clients, after completing internet trading service application, our company will provide you with Hong Kong securities market e-trading service.

Internet real-time quote service

CMBI provides the real-time quote services from and, if you need this service, please download the application form or contact us to apply this service.

Forget your password

If the customers forget the password, please call CMBI customer service department by (852) 3761 8888, after verifying that your information are all right, we would establish a new password for you. Please remember to change the password immediately after you receive the new password for security.

Internet Trading

Trading products

CMBI international capital corporation is a participant of Stock and Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, so we can trade all the securities in Hong Kong stock market.

Trading Rstrictions

Please keep in mind the following restrictions when you input trading instructions to the AMS/3 system:

  • Where there are existing buy/sell orders on the respective primary queues, order with a price within the range of twenty spreads below/above the current bid/ask price is accepted.
  • Where there has been no first ask/bid of the day, the first bid/ask price must be higher/lower than or equal to the previous closing price minus/plus twenty spreads;
  • No short selling transaction will be accepted through our on-line trading system
  • No odd lot transaction will be accepted through our on-line trading system

Transaction Procedure

Our company’s e-trading service has officially connected with Automatic Order Matching and Execution System/Third Generation (AMS/3). Through this system, clients’ transaction instruction can be timely transmit to the AMS/3, no need deal by hand, which can decrease the fault and enhance the transaction efficiency.

Transaction Documents

If you have any transaction, our company would email or post the daily statement to you in the next trading day. If you have any stocks or deposit in our company, though you don’t have any transaction, we would also send the monthly statement to you in the beginning of each month; let customers check the deposit and transaction records.

Customer Notice

The e-trading service range

  • Custodian trading instruction
  • Change trading instruction
  • Cancel trading instruction
  • Trading instruction status
  • Account inquiring
  • Investment portfolio inquiring
  • Cash/Stock deposit and withdraw notice
  • Fund transfer

Security Instruction

All customers using this system should input effective authorization code and password. All the information transferring from this website has obtained the safe VeriSign 128-bit the SSL encrypt protection. Moreover, all the public system also protected by the advanced firewall protection, make sure all the system and material can achieve best safety protection.

Contingency Plan

Basically, our system has tested repeatedly, so it is extremely stable. If any unclear unknown accident happens, and make the system can’t work normally, our company would make proper arrangement according to the contingency plans.Under the given contingency plans, our staff would make the system recover to normal in the shortest time.In the period that the system can’t work normally, our company would change to operate manually and provide our customer with finite service; try our best to reduce influence to customer.

Market Risk

The customer must understand that the transaction pattern in the stock market and the stock price may be volatile.

Losses may be incurred as well as the stock price goes down or the securities market value declines.

So before making any investment decision, please make sure you know your own risk tolerance level, thus you can formulate proper investment strategy. Our staff can’t take your place and give you any investment decision, our investment research or investment opinions only make as a reference. Our company would not take responsibility for any customers’ investment decisions.

Possible Risks in internet stock trading

Communications and information transfer via internet may have possibility to be halt because of network breakdown, the improper or fault transfer may result in fault transaction instructions or fault transaction results.

So the clients must understand the above internet stock trading risks, then when the clients make any trading investment, they may confirm to take responsibility for all the losses because of these problems.

System Delay

Our company has already invested massive manpower in the internet stock trading system, and has made cautious test and adjustment in system capacity; network bandwidth, system stability and so on.

The customer must understand that the internet operation may be affected by some other reasons, which may delay the information transmission velocity. Our company would not take any responsibility for the fault transaction instructions and results because of network delay.

Customer Opinions

If you have any opinions to our company, please express in written, email or any other methods to us. As for our company address and email information, please refer to ‘contact us’.