Helping founding shareholders list their company on HKex via the H-Share IPO and offering post-listing services such as equity custody and market value management


Company A is an innovative tech company. Most core members of its management team have a strong technical background, but are quite unfamiliar with the capital market. After Company A went public in Hong Kong, its senior executive shareholders were facing the challenge of managing their equity shares and developing suitable wealth management plans in and outside mainland China. CMBI has helped Company A get listed successfully and also offered post-listing services such as equity custody and market value management for the company.

CMBI together with China Merchants Bank is offering a set of one-stop services for Company A. When the market showed a positive momentum, they advised the shareholders on equity value management as needed, helping them make a partial exit and get refinancing support; when the market was volatile, the project team developed a comprehensive share increase plan for the company, helping the company stabilize its share price.

Based on its in-depth research and analysis from macro and industry perspectives, CMBI considered a full range of factors including the timing for market value management, as well as the trading quantity and strategy. Company A was deeply impressed by the project team’s high efficiency in trading execution during the process of market value management, and was also highly satisfied with the trading prices.

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Company A is fictional. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.