Providing an SOE Investment Group with a full range of investment management services


Company B is an SOE investment group, which controls and takes shares in a number of listed companies, and holds a large quantity of unlisted assets. China Merchants Bank has been maintaining a close relationship with Company B for a long time. On the recommendation of China Merchants Bank, and after a series of rigorous competitive bidding, the company finally selected CMBI to offer them a comprehensive range of overseas investment management services.

CMBI’s wealth management team introduced and fully coordinated the CMB group’s several departments and CMBI's various business divisions to help the company. CMBI’s high-end investment and financing platform and strong management expertise enabled Company B to manage the market capitalizations of its listed companies according to market changes; the CMBI team customized share change proposals, block trading arrangements, equity financing plans for Company B, helping them make informed decisions and complete the capital operations securely and efficiently; the CMBI team has also helped Company B consolidate internal resources, bring in strategic investors for resource development and industrialization, laying the foundation for future IPO and asset injections.

More recently, Company B was looking for suitable acquisition targets across the globe. The CMBI team again played a crucial role, assisting the company in launching a number of mergers and acquisitions. This has greatly bolstered its leading position and competitive advantage in the industry, helping the company enter the global market successfully.

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Company B is fictional. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.