Providing strategies research service for a hedge fund and issue a co-brand fund products with the fund house


In 2010, Mr. Chen set up his own hedge fund in Hong Kong as one of the first Chinese hedge funds at that time. The hedge fund founder came into contact with CMBI when he started his career as a mutual fund research analyst in Mainland China, “At that time I was mainly responsible for investment research on Hong Kong and overseas markets, and the CMBI research team provided me with professional services.”

Unlike public mutual funds, hedge funds did not employ many research analysts. Due to his emphasis on equity research on overseas capital markets, coupled with a good previous long-term working relationship with CMBI, Chen decided to seek support from our investment banking and professional research platform. Apart from research support, we helped Chen build up an overseas transaction structure through a structured notes program, and provided professional support for Chen to implement his investment strategy.

In 2015, Mr. Chen deepened his cooperation with CMBI. After several rounds of rigorous due diligence investigation, Chen's hedge fund won recognition from our asset management team and got an opportunity to release products together with CMBI. “For us, CMBI not only provides professional investment research service, but also help us gain new investors through CMB’s strong network of private banking clients.”

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Mr. Chen is a fictional character. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.