Helping China’s wealthy families develop global asset allocations


Our customer Mrs. Zhang lives primarily in Mainland China and the United States. Without a financial background, she is grappling with the challenge of managing household assets both in and outside China, and has suffered heavy losses. Through her circle of friends, Mrs. Zhang got to know and later formed a partnership with a relationship manager at the CMBI Wealth Management Center. After long-term communication with our relationship manager, Mrs. Zhang highly recognized CMBI’s “global asset allocation” philosophy.

On the recommendation of our relationship manager, Mrs. Zhang allocated her family assets rationally in a range of financial products such as dollar-denominated fixed-income products, fund portfolios, high-value insurance policies, and structured notes. Moreover, she invested in Hong Kong and US stocks. “Thanks to the combined efforts of CMB Group’s team of relationship managers in and outside China, our family property has retained and increased value.”
Based on the successful experience in family asset allocation and a further understanding of the CMBI platform, Mr. Zhang who is looking after his family enterptise in China wished to work with CMBI at corporate level, especially hoping to launch an overseas IPO for his family enterptise and build up an international capital operation platform.

* The case study has cited data from customers of CMBI wealth management services as a reference. Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang are fictional characters. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.